Limehouse Brighton

Limehouse is a modern and fresh Boutique Hotel in the centre of Brighton. Expect inspirational sea views, spacious, stylish rooms and excellent service.

We enjoyed working on this vibrant, quirky site which features a large homepage slider, a gallery, integrated customer reviews, contact forms and more.

We also launched a new site for Limehouse’s sister B&B – Strawberry Fields. We retained the format and layout of the Limehouse site to keep consistency between the two sister hotels but made this site unique with Strawberry Feilds’ colourful branding and quirky characteristics shown in the photography.

We also created a brand refresh, updating the logos for both Limehouse and Strawberry fields inline with the new sites.

Since launch only a few weeks ago both sites have seen an increase in enquiries and Google rankings and they are expecting their busiest year ever!

Why not explore what the site has to offer for yourself…

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