WordPress is 10!


Last month WordPress celebrated its 10th Birthday! Since it launched on 27th May 2003 WordPress has evolved a long way! WordPress now powers nearly a quarter of all the websites across the world- co-founder Matt Mullenweg describes the 10 years as, “It’s been a crazy, exciting, journey, and one that won’t stop any time soon.”

WordPress, which initially launched as a blogging platform, was created in order for the wider community to enjoy with ease, making it easy for users to post blogs without needing to know HTML coding. Over the years it had evolved to a fully functional content management system, powering substantial websites, whilst still retaining the simple to use admin- making it easy to update for the client without having to ask their web designer to make updates, which in the past may have been costly.

Another factor in the success of WordPress is the addition of plugins, which act like apps do for an i phone, to provide additional functionality, such as event listings, members areas, forms and almost anything you can think of. This means WordPress is hugely adaptable to the clients requirements, and can be customised to be truly unique. Thousands of plugins are available and growing everyday so the possibilities are endless.

The use of WordPress themes, which act as a framework for the site, also have meant SME’s that may have previously not been able to pay out for a custom built site can now have all high quality, fully functional site at a reasonable budget, that they can easily maintain and update at any time.

Matt Mullenweg also goes onto say: “As the web evolves, WordPress evolves. Factors outside of our control will always influence WordPress’ development: today it’s mobile devices and retina display, tomorrow it could be Google Glass or technology not yet conceived. A lot can happen in ten years! As technology changes and advances, WordPress has to change with it while remaining true to its core values: making publishing online easy for everyone. How we rise to these challenges will be what defines WordPress over the coming ten years.”

Brightonwp look forward to the next 10 years of working with WordPress.

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Quotes sourced from the WordPress blog: http://wordpress.org/news/2013/05/ten-good-years/

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