Why use WordPress? Why use BWP?

Of course, WordPress is reliable, flexible, powerful, customisable – and many other great things! But what exactly does all that mean for your business? Here are six reasons to use WordPress for your website:

1) It’s free.

WordPress is open-source software. That means that a community of thousands of expert developers work on the code for free. The collective brainpower of passionate volunteers trumps commercial products from companies with many millions to invest. The result is a first-class piece of software free for the user. And that includes thousands of free specialist plugins. Not a bad deal!

2) Adding content is as easy as using an email account.

Most basic WordPress functions are really easy to use. Adding a blog post or putting a new page on your site takes a few clicks. If you want to dig a little deeper, WordPress allows for very sophisticated functions. But for most people (such as your web team) using WordPress is a breeze.

3) Always improving.

Unlike paid software, every time a new WordPress release arrives you pay nothing at all to upgrade. That means that your site gets new features, functions and additional security for zero cost. How many products and services can boast that?

4) Tight security (ideal for eCommerce sites)

WordPress security upgrades constantly strengthen your site against any malicious attacks. In particular, over the last five years WordPress developers have really strengthened the code as much as possible. For extra peace of mind, we also offer additional Securi monitoring and protection.

5) A passionate support community ready to help

WordPress has a vast support community ready to step in and answer any questions you have. While we’re happy to offer ongoing support and training, you may find that this support resource helps you solve any little challenges you face with minimal fuss.

6) Search engine friendly pages

The way that WordPress creates pages is very Google-friendly. That means your site might get found more easily via search traffic. As a business owner, search engine traffic can be one of your most valuable sources of custom – whether you run an eCommerce site or provide services and need to promote your company.

It’s important to note that WordPress is a free open-source platform created by a community of thousands of dedicated developers. WordPress acts as the foundation for your site design. See what a fresh, untouched WordPress install looks like here.


Remember, it’s through WordPress customisation and design that your site really comes to life!


…And, that’s why you should work with Brighton WordPress

Brighton WordPress is run by a team of experienced web and graphic designers. Through our sister company, Republique Design, we’ve recommended WordPress to clients for many years for its ease of use and powerful features. Recently, clients have started asking for the platform by name. So, our dedicated WordPress design company – Brighton WordPress – was born.

  • Experienced web designers
  • Really easy to work with
  • Fast, quick and reasonably priced
  • Fixed quotes on all projects

We work from a studio next to Hove station. (Click here for directions.) Our clients are based in Brighton. London, the South East and right across the UK.

While some WordPress designers aim for a high turnover of cookie-cutter projects, we focus on creating beautiful, easy-to-use and totally distinctive websites for our clients.

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