What Social Media Personality Are You?

Although we may not realise it, all of us who use social media have a social media personality. According to a survey by online bank First Direct, there are 12 social media personalities, which are outlined in their infographic below.

It may be surprising that 45% of Facebook users studied described themselves as ‘lurkers’, regularly logging on and observing others but rarely posting themselves. 20% also said they would feel ‘isolated’ without access to their Facebook.

Less surprising is the competitiveness and sense of approval from friends and fans on social networks. Described as ‘The Approval Seekers’ one in seven Facebook users say it is important their posts get likes and reply to their posts. One in ten Twitter uses also admit to wanting more followers than their friends.

First Direct, who conducted the survey, described it as “in-depth, monthlong experiment, where people were focused to change their social media habits, and on an associated nationwide survey, examining people’s social media attitudes and behaviors.”

What personality do you fit into? You may fit into several! Let us know…

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