What is a Page Template?

What is a WordPress page template?

Every time you create a new page or blog post in WordPress, a page style must be allocated. This way a blog post can have a different layout/style to a service page for example. The initial task is to understand how many templates your site requires. Once you have this information, you then know how many pages the designer needs to mock up, and in turn, how many pages the developer needs to create.

Below are some examples of websites using different numbers templates, you can clearly see the effect on the cost.

Website using 1 Template Website, unlimited pages


The example above shows a 1 template website. This means your site uses the same layout throughout all pages- the illustration above shows a header, footer, main content area and right hand sidebar as an example layout. The content (copy, images etc) within these areas will change on each page, and can also include contact forms, galleries and more, which will all be designed to work within your chosen template. You can also add as many pages to your site as you like using this single template.


This example shows a 3 template website. The homepage above forms template 1 which contains a header, 3 promotional panels, and various blog and social feeds which are split into 3 columns. This page would be designed and developed to your requirements and chosen layout. The services page above forms template 2. This would be custom designed and developed to show a range of services (image and intro copy) in a four column layout, as well as a custom header which is narrower than the homepage header. The contact page above shows your 3rd template layout- this is likely to be your main template used for standard content pages throughout the site. As in the 1 template example above it contains a header, footer, sidebar and content area where your text, images and other enhancements such as contact forms and galleries can be placed.


This illustration shows a 5 template website, which would be used if your site requires more functionality than a standard site. Again, as in the 3 template example above we have a custom template for the home page, services page and contact page. You may also require further functionality to your site, for example an events page, as shown in the 4th template above. This may feature a custom event listing post type, custom sidebar and header image. The 5th template above shows an example of a project or portfolio page. Here you may require a deep slider, your latest work (which has been placed in a 3 column layout) and a featured project with image & copy. These templates can all be designed bespoke for your business and configured by our team- why not get in touch to find out more, or follow the link below to our cost calculator if you are ready to get a quote.

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