We Love Typography

Shown above is a selection of typography we love! These were all spotted on Pinterest, find out more about each…

Cardboard Type- we love the detail in this and that it is hand crafted. Originally pinned by: bustleevents.blogspot.co.uk

Cafe Wall Typography- a great way to add interest & creativity to a cafe! Originally pinned by: plentyofcolour.com

Art Makes You Happy- inventive typography creation on a dusty floor. We like the way the type is so clean and neat against the floor. Originally pinned by: 29.media.tumblr.com

The Grass is Greener- we like the freedom and expressiveness of this type. It works particualry well overlaid on the grass photo. Originally pinned by: mycalicoskies.blogspot.co.uk

Heart Paper Type- This typography is beautifully created out of paper. It is highly detailed and delicate. We also like the way tones are created through the use of coloured paper. Originally pinned by: illusion.scene360.com

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