The Top Five Twitter Hashtags For Those In Business

For today’s modern entrepreneurs, Twitter is one of the most important and influential tools available. Not only does it provide a platform for relevant and timely updates to anyone who follows you, but it also allows access to a whole wealth of information and support from likeminded individuals. All you have to do is find them.

Fortunately, finding useful material on Twitter is easy, should you utilise the tools available to you. Along with seeking out relevant users to follow, searching for well established or popular hashtags is a sure-fired way of finding relevant information, contacts and discourse on your chosen subject.

Just in case you’re unaware, the function of a hashtag is simply to search for tweets that have a common theme. For example, if you’re a keen gardener in your spare time, you may search for tweets containing the hashtag #gardening. The subsequent tweets containing the hashtag should provide information and links relevant to your interest in gardening.

There are many useful hashtags out there dedicated to providing helpful advice, articles and tips for those in business. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or have just launched your first startup, everyone in business can benefit from taking a look at some of these hashtags. We’ve listed a few of the best here to help get your company off to the best possible start in 2014.


This hashtag focuses on small business owners, providing links, tips and articles on business strategies, finance, marketing and sales. The stream will be useful to both new and established business owners who want to keep an edge on the competition. Experts are regularly available to give tips and share tricks of the trade.

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This is an exciting, lively conversation for those who want to incorporate social media into their business strategy. People share links, infographics and experiences to help you stabilise and boost your business through the use of social media. Here you’ll also find news and updates on the latest technology so you can stay ahead of the game and dedicated content catering to all sorts of different businesses.


Twitter in general is fantastic for marketing. You can chat directly with your customers, let them know about offers and provide information about new products or developments. The #marketing hashtag allows business owners and entrepreneurs to share tips and solutions to any marketing issues or concerns that arise. You can also talk to marketing experts and gain advice on how to market effectively to the right kind of customer.


This hashtag was created by American Express in order to advise buyers on the many benefits that come with supporting small and local businesses. It has since morphed into a venue for users to share insights online, promote small businesses and highlight local shops every Saturday, in a manner similar to #FollowFriday. You’ll also find effective techniques and useful guidelines on how to maintain your small business too.


Avoid making common mistakes when launching your own business by gathering some information found on this hashtag. Find warnings and advice from people who have set up successful businesses from scratch and testimonials and experiences of those in the process of running or launching a startup.
Have you used any of these before or do you know any other useful business hashtags? Let us know in the comments below.

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