Facebook – New Prioritise your Friends Feature Launched

Facebook have this week announced you are now able to adjust the news feed preferences.

This customisation is only accessible from Facebook’s iOS app at the moment however.

So how do you go about updating your preferences? Go to the News Feed Preferences option within the Facebook app. The new selections gives you four options:

  • prioritise who to see first
  • unfollow people to hide their posts
  • reconnect with people you unfollowed
  • discover new pages.

The most useful change for many will be the ‘prioritise who to see first’ option. This will let you choose certain friends or pages that you’d like to see at the top of your news feed each time you login. You can select up to 30 accounts and these accounts show a star beside them to show that you have selected them.

Have you implemented the changes on your Facebook? Let us know your thoughts on the changes…

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