Facebook is 10!

February 4th 2004 introduced the world to Facebook. 10 years later and Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, with 1.23 billion users, many claiming they couldn’t live without it.


Users on Facebook post life events such as the birth of their children, wedding photos, new jobs, relationships and almost everything they do daily. Facebook has become a modern day photo journal where users can look back through their timeline profile at any point and have an online record of their daily activity.

To celebrate their 10th Birthday a one off release called Look Back.

Look Back is intended to be a sentimental experience. It lets its users watch a personalised movie, view a series of their photos, or read a thank you card from Facebook, depending on how much content the user has posted to their profile. Click here to create a Look Back of your Facebook profile.

The introduction of Facebook pages has also changed the way business market themselves online. A large percentage of businesses now have as Facebook page, in fact some businesses are run solely through the presence of a Facebook page. The pages give businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers through photos, comments and messages.

Customers also have the option to rate the business and leave feedback on the Facebook page. One of the most valuable areas of the Facebook page is Facebook insights which give page admins an indepth overview as to their new likes, most popular posts, recent activity and more.

Some reports are suggesting Facebook could be loosing the attention of teenagers, claiming they are beginning to find it boring, however other reports suggest Facebook is as popular as ever with a high percentage of users claiming it has changed their life!

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

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